Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New browser based strategy game that you can earn real money in

For those of you that are familiar with the idea of earning some extra cash on the internet this is probably nothing new and for those of you that are anno1777 veterans or some other browsergame where you have the possibility to earn real money this will be very familiar. But anyway there is a new game out there from the makers of anno1777. It's called CashTowns and are only in ALPHA version at the moment (4/2 -2013) but it has already got a couple on thousands of users and are some of them have already started to cash out some money.


 The game is expected to go into full version in a couple of months and anno1777labs (the makers of the game) are expecting the users to storm in and so will the possibility for you to earn some extra money while having some fun at the side! 

 This blog will focus on giving you the help and tips you need to get started and settled in CashTowns, if you have any suggestions or anything to say, please do! If you like strategy games and enjoy the challenge of making some extra money this is something to check out! 

You wont need any invite or nothing like that just sign up and start --> CashTowns


  1. Hi there, I have register through link and it was successful but when I try to log in it say Bad username or password...what to do?

  2. Cashtowns is dead! There are new games in town :)


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